FollowMe Embedded

Embedded authentication, Control of device services, Device integration

FollowMe embedded provides a completely integrated FollowMe solution, available for most leading MFPs and printers. With the Embedded client, there is little or no hardware to purchase or install, which is ideal for organizations looking for an all-in-one solution to support their printer fleet.  

To ensure a seamless user experience, authentication and the management of all device services can be enabled directly from the device's touch screen. FollowMe enables Single Sign On capability (SSO), where users only need to enter one set of credentials, simplifying data security. 


  • Works seamlessly with existing technology
  • Integrated with the device functionality
  • Available for most leading printer manufacturers'

Embedded authentication

  • On-screen authentication
  • Single Sign On capability
  • Use existing security systems

Control of device services

  • Full control of print, copy, fax, email and scan
  • Report on all device activity
  • Easy-to-use interface