Business Intelligence

Business Intelligence

In order to minimize costs and waste, FollowMe's business intelligence engine makes it easy for organizations to implement enterprise-wide printing policies, such as allowing color printing only when authorized by the organization or automatically enforcing e-mails to print in monochrome. These printing policies can be defined and automatically enforced per user, department or enterprise-wide.

The print routing technology can automatically re-direct print jobs to the printer best suited to the task, for example re-routing large documents to the most cost-efficient printers or, if a device is out of service, print jobs are re-queued for release on another device.

To prevent unnecessary printing, print job retention policies can be used to automatically delete jobs abandoned in the print queue after a specified amount of time.

Departments and users often require different functionality when printing, FollowMe provides the flexibility to customize workflows or align with other business processes. With the advanced scripting engine, administrators can define and implement custom-built policies or routing conditions according to any requirement, no matter how detailed or bespoke.

Enterprise-wide print policy enforcement

  • Automatically enforce economical printing
  • Customize and apply policies on a per user, device or department basis
  • Printing is aligned with legal, environmental or corporate requirements

Rules and routing

  • Utilize the most cost-effective devices
  • Protect user productivity if a printer is out of service
  • Reduce unnecessary printing with time logic deletion

Customize workflows

  • Customize workflow to any business requirement
  • Optimize department productivity
  • Integrate with other business processes