Central Management

Central management

To simplify the management of the printing environment, FollowMe consolidates the control of print queues, servers and devices to one centralized, web-based administration interface. With this interface administrators’ can access the tools and information they need to manage the entire printing environment.

The easy-to-use, web-based administration interface provides a powerful search engine, to quickly find users or devices for review and editing, and a comprehensive performance monitor, giving a snapshot of live activity across the entire printing environment.

Print policies are accessible via the administration interface, helping organizations reduce costs and waste, enterprise-wide. It also provides the tools for reporting and cost allocation, empowering finance managers and administrators to get the information they need to manage costs and optimize document workflow.

Each user has a web-client tool, for basic print job management. With this tool users can delete print jobs, upload documents for print, or view recent activity all without the support of an administrator.

Both the administration interface and the web-client can be customized, with interfaces localized to the connecting user’s language and designed according to corporate identity.

Remote administration

  • Manage the entire printing environment with one web interface
  • Monitor activity with a comprehensive monitor
  • Easy access to all reporting tools and data

Policy management

  • Configure enterprise-wide printing policies
  • Customize policies and routing conditions
  • Use reports to determine the success of policies

Client administration

  • Print job management for each user
  • Reduce help desk support
  • Upload documents for mobile printing