FollowMe tracks all print, copy, fax, scan and email activity across the entire organization, and provides powerful reporting tools, which give an accurate picture on costs and activity, on a per user, device or department basis. Organizations are then able to make fact-based decisions to optimize the printing environment or allocate costs to departments or clients.

FollowMe offers a wide range of reporting templates to support effective data analysis, however if more detail is required, the intuitive reporting tool supports the creation of customized on-demand reports to meet any business requirement. Data can be exported in most document formats, including PDF, HTML and CSV. Reports can be scheduled to automatically send to e-mail or a specific folder location.

For organizations that must comply with industry security regulations, activity reports can be generated from tracking data, providing a coherent audit trail for user actions and device use.

The built-in billing capability enables organizations to recover printing costs from departments or clients, where activity is captured and assigned to pre-defined billing codes for undisputable cost allocation. To accommodate each organizational structure, FollowMe provides flexible cost assignment models and integrates with most third party accounting systems.


  • Recover costs from departments or clients
  • Undisputable cost allocation
  • Integrates with most third party accounting solutions

Track activity

  • Monitor user activity and analyze trends
  • Comply with Industry security standards
  • Environmental impact reports

Cost allocation

  • Assign costs to department budgets
  • Identify and remove inefficient devices
  • Encourage responsible printing

Data management

  • Intuitive reporting templates
  • Reports customized to any requirement
  • Automatic report creation and distribution